Be a strategic actor for our clients in the asset monitoring field.
Offer robust, long-term and scalable solutions in tertiary, industrial and underground environments.


No ressources for interactions:
   • Time saving
   • No need for specific training
   • Permanent monitoring


   • Immediate reactivity
   • Instant decision making process
   • Immediate isolation of critical events
   • Mandatory for the industrial site safety


All in one solution package:
   • Time saving
   • Business simplifier
   • Evolutivity/ Modularity/Compliance
      ☛ R.O.I
      ☛ No technical breakage


Single Point of Contact:
   • Business simplification
   • One name for invoicing/ sale/ pre sale/post sale

B2B approach

   • Frame contract: Partnership/business    visibility/longterm collaboration
   • CRM: Reporting of the partnership history
   • All our customers are from B2B environment


   • We know where we go (roadmap)
   • Visibility - strategy

Our values




up to 10

Years battery lifetime


Individuals saved


Years in Business


Customer Satisfaction

Learn how the Smart-Monitoring solution works for the Mustering, the Gas detector, the man down and other features related to the POB. Check all the videos from the playlist.

Smart-Monitoring solutions

Smart-Monitoring solutions based on INGECOM's Swiss Made products and software technology are in service. Check also the specific Personnel Security System in use to protect the workers inside the deepest gold mines in the world. It already contributed to save the 3000 souls trapped after the strong 5.3 degrees earthquake near the Vaal River mine (South Africa). Other references available on request.

Smart-Suite software solutions

Smart-Suite software solutions

The Smart-Suite solutions are organized around the central Smart-Monitoring service.
Choose the applications required to cover all your needs.

Ingecom at a glance

Ingecom at a glance

Explore Ingecom's wide range of skills in a short description.

RF-Max Versus Lora

RF-Max Versus Lora

Discover a comparative table between LoRa one of the most famous LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) protocols and Ingecom RF-Max the LPWAN proprietary protocols from Ingecom. Both technology are of course part of Ingecom's portfolio.

Supported technologies

INGECOM also provides services based on the LoRa network, the Bluetooth Low Energy and RFID / NFC technologies
In cases where more specific solutions is required, typically in the industrial area, specific solutions are available under the brand Smart-Monitoring.


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