INGECOM provides IoT wireless solutions mainly for the industrial environment. Check the Smart-Monitoring Solutions section to see how it brings value to your organization. Where SECURITY is an important matter, when the SAFETY is an issue, while the RELIABILITY is not an option, our solutions are available to create value.


No ressources for interactions:
   • Time saving
   • No need for specific training
   • Permanent monitoring


   • Immediate reactivity
   • Instant decision making process
   • Immediate isolation of critical events
   • Mandatory for the industrial site safety


All in one solution package:
   • Time saving
   • Business simplifier
   • Evolutivity/ Modularity/Compliance
      ☛ R.O.I
      ☛ No technical breakage


Single Point of Contact:
   • Business simplification
   • One name for invoicing/ sale/ pre sale/post sale

B2B approach

   • Frame contract: Partnership/business    visibility/longterm collaboration
   • CRM: Reporting of the partnership history
   • All our customers are from B2B environment


   • We know where we go (roadmap)
   • Visibility - strategy

up to 10

Years battery lifetime


Individuals saved


Years in Business


Customer Satisfaction

Learn how the Smart-Monitoring solution works for the Mustering, the Gas detector, the man down and other features related to the POB. Check all the videos from the playlist.

Smart-Monitoring solutions

Smart-Monitoring solutions based on INGECOM's Swiss Made products and software technology are in service. Check also the specific Personnel Security System in use to protect the workers inside the deepest gold mines in the world. It already contributed to save the 3000 souls trapped after the strong 5.3 degrees earthquake near the Vaal River mine (South Africa). Other references available on request.

General Value Proposition

General Value Proposition

From consulting, auditing or training services all the way to completely packaged software solutions,
the general value proposition of INGECOM covers all the steps for a rock solid service.

Smart-Suite software solutions

Smart-Suite software solutions

The Smart-Suite solutions are organized around the central Smart-Monitoring service.
Choose the applications required to cover all your needs.



The Middleware structures all the data coming from the sensors.
The cloud based services provides the structuring link between all the data collected through the infrastructure.
It provides the real-time interface to enable the Smart-Suite solutions.

Lead-Offer structure

Lead-Offer structure

center>Whether your requirement is covered by 3, 6 , or all the applications of the Smart-Suite there's always a way to optimize the cost of the solutions.
Contract a lead offer from INGECOM for an easy upgrade and maintenance of the installations.

Personnel Security System

Personnel Security System

The Automatic Real-Time Inventory feature of the Personnel Security System provides a way to localize the lost employee within the shaft.
Each individual worker is identified remotely with his own PSS tag.
The algorithm inside the Middleware provides the real-time localization based on a permanent monitoring of the PSS tags.
The system is in operation into the deepest mines in the world, down to 3700m underground level. Learn how this Smart-Monitoring solution helped to save 3000 workers trapped underground after a major earthquake.
The Personnel Security System takes advantage of the Smart-Monitoring using the Smart-Enrolment, Smart-POB and Smart-Time Attendance.


Within INGECOM the whole work is done under the same hood: from the very basic antenna design, the ASIC integration, the real-time embedded firmware, the schematic, layout, the industrialization, the production, the test, and the coding, everything is done locally in our premises. Everything that is designed in house is produced in house, hence, granting the famous Swiss Made label. Even better than the label, this tight integration allows for short and very reliable cycles and improved quality,in a well understood customer centric approach.

Supported technologies

INGECOM also provides services based on the LoRa network, the Bluetooth Low Energy and RFID / NFC technologies
In cases where more specific solutions is required, typically in the industrial area, specific solutions are available under the brand Smart-Monitoring.

Our Clients

The most valuable asset of INGECOM is his client list.
We are proud to serve all our clients with our Swiss Made system and products. Not all the clients could be featured on this page, our apologies to the 100+ SMEs who could not be displayed.


INGECOM is a Swiss registered company selling IOT solutions, specialized in microelectronics, radio-frequency transmission and software. We provide B2B solutions to the industry.

Our premises located close to Neuchatel, Switzerland, includes the R&D, the production, the after sales support and the administration, all within the same building.

INGECOM prides itself to accomplish the most challenging engineering requirements. The SIM-RFID is one of the example of the challenges achieved successfully.
INGECOM's solutions are serving the industry on a daily basis.

2005 : INGECOM was founded with the aim to provide a product able to cover the requirements of tracking, tracing and streamlining the assets within a process flow.
The low-ownership cost Active-Tag operating within the worldwide 2.45GHz frequency band quickly became an industry reference.
2006 : The so-called first generation of Active-Tag was presented at the 2006 RFID expo of Beijing. The first customer successfully built an application software and installed a system to track and trace reusable metal containers in the frozen food industry.
2007 : Siemens purchased the IP of the 1st generation of Active-Tag in September 2007. The undisclosed amount of this transaction was entirely re-invested inside the company to quickly build our second generation of active systems.
2008 : The second generation of Active-Tag finished qualification in late 2008. It’s the worldwide first dual-frequency active-tag with 10 years battery lifetime in the size of a half a credit card.
2009 : The SIM-RFID Wide Field Communication (WFC) SIM card development was initiated in 2009 on request of a major Chinese mobile phone operator. Unfortunately, this is a typical example of mishaps. The product was beautifully designed and industrialized, ending up very quickly as the customer incidentally vanished.
2010 : The year 2010 is a cornerstone in the life of the company with the installation of a brand new automatic assembly line for the production of our active-tags and controllers. Having the R&D and the production within the same premises concurs to enhancing the customer’s experience: Swiss made R&D, production and customer support at lower cost. The price list could be significantly reduced in comparison to the year before.
2011 : is the ramp-up of sensor networks. The temperature sensor is the most widespread, particularly for the monitoring of industrial process like transformers. The vibration sensor is well adopted for the Lone Worker protection.
2012 : First ATEX certification of our Active-Tag for application inside fireworker's helmets.
2013 : INGECOM launches the extended RF-Max product line. With a 25 Km line of sight range, the 0.1W wireless sensor is meant to provide a safe data collection at a rock bottom price.
2014 : The Network Security Algorithm was patented in 2014 to offer superior security to the network sensor while preserving the long battery lifetime of the sensor.
2015 : Industrial applications start to be deployed in 2015 using INGECOM's Middleware and Restfull API.
The same year, INGECOM's Minelert tags saved more than 3000 lives of miners who were trapped inside the deepest mine in the world down to 3700m underground after an earthquake hit the area.
2016 : Since then, INGECOM is still expanding with its innovative approach to solve problems. Creating value for our customers, this is how we understand the business.
A major installation of wireless gas leakage detection in a French LNG plant is commissioned after regulatory approvals. This installation confirms INGECOM's ability to mitigate the industrial risks in compliance with ISO61508 safety-related systems standard.
2017 : The Smart-Monitoring solutions provides a significant value for the vertical market segment of industries at risk.
2018 : The Oil % Gas market is now becoming a reality for INGECOM with major contracts in preparation in Russia, the Middle-East and North African countries.


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